As a volunteer death doula/companion, Joe Hiscott offers a supportive presence
and companionship at the bedside of the dying as well as for loved ones who are navigating
the challenges of the dying process, providing respite for the family and caregiving team. 
He offers education and resources for those interested in alternatives
to the current model of care for the dying, dead and bereaved.
For more information or to reach out for support in the Outaouais region of Québec, contact

Joe Hiscott has received a certificate of completion from
BEyond Yonder Virtual School for Community Deathcaring in Canada
and is a board member of the Community Deathcare Canada.

Community Deathcare Canada is an emerging non-profit group, representing the needs and interests of Canadians who seek to
re-engage with dying and deathcare in more meaningful, holistic, and environmentally sustainable ways. 
We imagine a culture where death is reclaimed as an honoured part of life, and believe in the healing and transformative
possibilities of a more intimate and participatory relationship with dying and deathcare.

Upcoming Death Café in Wakefield, QC